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I have a very strong association with this small property called Beaumont Plantation Retreat in Thekkady, amidst the Western Ghats on the eastern side. I have been associated with them with their marketing activities for a while. Beaumont has a wonderful view of the Farmlands of Cumbam valley from their property, the moment I first saw this view, this has been bothering me – a visit to the Cumbam valley and have a look back to the mountains. So it was very recently that this concept of visiting the Cumbam plains became a reality.

The view of the hill from CumbamCumbam is approximately twenty kilometers from Thekkady and will take approximately 30 minutes to reach. We started from Thekkady, once we hit the plains the road is like a straight line and you can see farmlands on both the side of the road. So many variety of Vegetables, Bananas, Mangos, Grapes, and many more. Enroute we stopped by a small shop where a lot of Mangoes were kept for sale by two old women. We bought some Mangoes for ourselves and headed to Cumbam town, enroute this very idea of visiting a farm popped up and we deviated to a Pomegranate farm called Harvest Fresh. on this route we could see a lot of farmlands with vegetables and fruits ready to be harvested. The gates were locked and on our arrival they were opened for us.

The Tamil Village of CumbamAs the gates opened we could see a way to the farm with palms on both the sides welcoming us. We were at the Harvest Fresh Farm, owned by Mr. Kurien from Cochin and he has been cultivating pomegranates here for the past few years. The farm is a wonderful place to be, there are different livestocks here, like chickens, goose and ducks, a nursery, a some ten cows, and different herbal plants. The thirty five acre farms is primarily of pomegranates cultivated organically. There are some watch towers at different parts of the property, atop of these towers you could get nice breeze that flows through out the farmlands of Cumbam plains.

Harvest Fresh CumbamFor people looking for some farming experience this would be an ideal place and there are a few rooms available for guests who wish to stay here. The farm offers day visits to the farm where guests could come and explore the farm and its surroundings. They often offer juices for guests made from freshly harvested pomegranates. Another interesting activity that they offer is the Bullock cart village ride which they outsource and charge separately. Many guests have wonderful feedbacks about this place, specially the bullock cart rides 🙂

The Harvest Fresh FarmAccommodation at Harvest Fresh FarmWe headed to Cumbam town and it was lunch time for us. We thought of having traditional Tamilian Thali lunch from Cumbam. The Thali with ponni rice is wholesome and tasty, you have it served on a banana leaf with curries and other accompaniments in small bowls. Yeah! it was a heavy meal and we thought it was time for us to be back to the hills.

Traditional Tamilian Meal at Cumbam townWe were heading back climbing uphill through the Bodimettu road. It was evening by the time we reached atop, that was the time when lopng convoys of Jeeps plying at very high speeds. These Jeeps come from Cumbam to Idukki every morning with plantation workers and return to Cumbam with the workers by evening. There are around 2500 Jeeps that come to Idukki carrying around 40000 workers every day. The wages for plantation workers are more compared to the wages they get in Tamil Nadu. Secondly, the transportation cost is bared by the employer. Third, the weather is pretty nice in Idukki than in the plains of Tamil Nadu. So it was a very interesting day and reach back at Beaumont by evening. This is a very popular day activity that could done from Thekkady.

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