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We were staying at Thekkady and was wondering where to head, that was when we had this sudden idea of a Trek to Ramkkalmedu.

Ramakkalmedu is a beautiful hillock in the district of Idduki around forty kilometers away from the spice town of Kumily (Thekkady).

We headed to Ramakkalmedu and less than an hour we are there. After obtaining a five rupees pass from the officer there. We headed top in the Jeep we came. You have a wonderful 360 degree view from here, the Rocky Mountains on one side and the unending plains of Tamil Nadu on the other side. It is very breezy here and we spotted a lot of wind farms atop the hills as well as in the plains of Tamil Nadu. Ramakkalmedu is also known as the “cradle of winds”. A large statue of Kuruvan and Kuruthi along with their son is being erected here; “Kuruvan and Kuruthi” are the aborigines of Idukki, probably in this part of the Western Ghats. But this was not exactly Ramakkalmedu.

The windfarms at Ramakalmedu Ramakkalmedu was the hillock which was higher in elevation than the mountain where Kuruvan and Kuruthi statue is erected. We decided to trek Ramakkalmedu from where we could have astounding views of the plains of Tamil Nadu.

It is a mythological belief that during “Threthayuga” Lord Rama reached this peek area with Lakshmana searching beloved Sita and wailed “Where are you Sita….Sita…”

Trekking Ramakkalmedu

Through the hills to RamakkalmeduThat was how the area got its name Ramakkalmedu. We started climbing through the narrow paths that have been evolved since people have been trekking this place for a long time. Through the rocks and Elephant grass we headed top, of course frequent breaks were inevitable. Finally we reached the top of Ramakkalmedu, you wouldn’t believe the height at which we were standing, it is a “Perfect Suicide point”. If you are Acrophobic, it is better not to attempt for this trek…the breezy is really getting strong and we have slowly started to get some drizzles. After half an hour of rest, we thought its time for us to get downhill.

An Arial voiew of the Tamilnadu plains from Ramakkalmedu
Am not on a flight, this is atop Ramakkalmedu

Trek to Ramakkalmedu is not a hard trek, it is relatively a smaller trek which could be done in two hours. It took us almost forty five minutes to reach the top and around twenty minutes to get down. There are a few tea shops down there and we thought of having a glass of tea before we head back to Thekkady.

Written by Benjamin John

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