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Kerala is one of the most romantic destinations in India for the just married. The State is so scenic and beautiful, that it offers interesting Kerala honeymoon packages with a wonderful backdrop for the romantic to be more romantic. The wonderful feedbacks of excited couples is the best testimony for it. Kerala is relatively a very green state with its paddy fields and the unending hills of the Western Ghats that spread towards the north of the Arabian coast, giving way to many hill stations. Munnar, the tea county of Kerala is considered to be a the most loved destination for the Indian honeymoon couple, along with the green tea estates, the weather in Munnar adds more reason to why it is considered to be the best honeymoon destination in the South. The backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom is unique to Kerala, from North to South of the state the backwaters play a major role in deciding the geography of the land. The rustic backwater villages and the houseboat cruise along the canals are very private and exclusive. It becomes a celebration of love for the most romantic ones. The Beaches are no exception for honeymooners to Kerala. The long stretch offers some of the best spots along the coastline. There are many beach resorts that give you a chance to rinse your feet and spend the evenings with the most loved stories.

Apart from these hill stations, backwaters and the beaches, there is much more ideas in rooms waiting to make your honeymoon more interesting and exotic. The below would be a few of them to make you excite and make it interesting.

1. Stay in a Tree House by the River

The tree house is something that have an exclusivity and ultimate privacy. Atop the trees immersed in nature, the Tree House is going to be a highlight for your honeymoon. There is this property named Ela Ecoland in Munnar, which is located on the banks of the Kallar River. The Tree house here has very interesting view of the mountains, the river, and the Valley of Coffee and Cardamom plantation. This Tree House in Munnar has got a large balcony where most of them would be spending much of the time. Tree house is Munnar is available in multiple properties, however Ela Ecoland could be considered as the very first option because of its view and height. The tree house stay at Ela Ecoland Munnar could be appreciated only by a nature lover as it would be just basic creature comforts and that might be the reason to why the Tree House concept is not seen in Kerala Honeymoon Packages or other Kerala tour packages.

2. Pool Villas

pool villa at vythiri

Pool Villas are a new concept to make your stay more soothing with an element of water. The honeymoon is going to be more fun adding the luxury of a pool villa or a room with an in room plunge pool. Most popular destinations in the state have got properties with plunge pools in room or otherwise what we call as the Pool Villa. Some of properties that have got some very interesting pool villas would be Spice Tree Resort Munnar, The Vythiri Resort in Wayanad, The Greenwoods in Thekkady, The Pool at Kumarakom Lake Resort, and the Pool villas at Marari beach Resort and Coconut Lagoon in Kumarakom are some of the best options if are not counting on each penny spent. There are even houseboats that have got an in built pool, but having a pool on board a houseboat might not seem to be a very interesting experience as it would be more congested. It might look like a tub and not a pool.

3. Trek the mountains

The Western Ghats make up the hill stations in Kerala and these hill stations have got some of the very interesting view points you could have in South India. You got to really trek up the hills to the see the most fascinating viewpoints in places like Munnar and Wayanad. The viewpoints are romantic point and are ideal place to be at to rest after a good trek. There are multiple trek options in Munnar and most trek options in Thekkady are at the Periyar National Park. Munnar being a prominent hill station has got larger trek options within the hill stations, second comes Wayand. Some of the interesting treks in Munnar are the trek to Letchmi estate, to Meeshapulimalai, Top station and Rhodo Valley, and Anayerangal. The Jeep trek to the Kolukkumalai tea factory would be bumpy as well as exotic, after the initial bumpy road, the route is very scenic, behind the tea factory one could see top station and the valley which so beautiful and romantic.

4. An Ayurveda Massage


Ayurveda is a science of life and a natural stream of medicine, ethnic to the state of Kerala. Even though Ayurveda has been considered to be a stream of medicine, it is an ancient methodology of medical practice and has been carried forward through generations. Today we have certified graduated Ayurveda medical doctors available across the country. Many resorts in Kerala have got their own in house Ayurveda center, because Ayurveda is considered to have the most effective rejuvenation programs in the world. There are dedicated Ayurveda resorts that take bookings only for long term Ayurveda programs. There are general body massages which lasts to upto 45 minutes. These are going to soothen your body and get you a fresh new feel and outlook. Undergoing a rejuvenation program during honeymoon would makes your feel more fresh and rejuvenated.

5. Houseboat cruise

Houseoat at night

The concept of the houseboat is very unique to Kerala and it is the best way to experience the backwaters. Most Kerala tour packages to Kerala include a night stay in a house boat. The exclusivity is the highlight of the houseboat for a Honeymoon couple. The Houseboat would be entirely cruising down the backwaters for you, there would be 3 crew on board to serve to your requirements and serving food from time to time. You cold ask to the captain so that you could handle the mariners’ wheel for a while. Spend some real quality time on board watching the unending backwaters of Kerala and the local life. The houseboat check in time would be 1200 hours and the boat will stop cruising by 1700 hours as the fishermen would start to cast their nets and it is a govt. regulation not to cruise at night. The boat would be docked on the banks of the backwaters until next day morning, the air-conditioning would be operational from 2100 hours. The evenings are interesting where you could see a lot of fishermen boats moving around for the evening net casting. Next day morning the houseboat will start to cruise until the check-out time, that is 0900 hours. Some houseboats offer a candle light dinner, floral arrangements and a cake on board to make the cruise and overnight stay more beautiful and charming.

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