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Dolmens are ancient shelters of the stone age man, some consider it as tombs of yogis or saints. But either way, these are rectangular shaped cubicles made with flat stone on each side and a single rock slab on top, called the cap stone, that covers the cubicle. These were considered to be stone age man’s shelter to protect him from harsh whether and hundreds of dolmens could be found in the hills and forests of Marayoor. These dolmens are called Muniyara in the local language “Malayalam”. People find it interesting to explore these dolmens, specially if someone has some interest for history.

Jaggery production in Marayoor, Idukki
Jaggery production in Marayoor, Idukki

Marayoor is also known for its Jaggery. There are cottage industries which are involved in jaggery production. The canes are cut the previous day and used for jaggery making on the following day. The canes are squeezed in a machine and the juice is collected and later on heated in a large vessel. The substance you get after the heating is rolled in to jaggery on large wooden trays.

The Marayoor sandalwood is world renown. There are many sandalwood trees which could be seen on both the sides of the road before reaching Marayoor, protected with wired fences. Sandal wood smuggling was common during the 90s and the government has now brought in strict measures. Marayoor is the last town in Kerala before one enters Tamil Nadu. There is no mobile connectivity for most mobile operators and lodging facilities are limited here.

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