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Borim is a small village in Ponda at the banks of the river zuari. This bridge was built during Portuguese Rule. During the war of 1961, the bridge was blown off using dynamite. The damaged portion was reconstructed and thrown open again for public. Due to weight restrictions all the passengers had to cross the bridge on foot, the buses used to cross empty to the other side. There are rumors also that people should not travel by the bridge after 6pm because of paranormal spirits.

The inaugral stone

Later the new Borim bridge was commissioned.
This bridge has been closed to the public after the construction of the new bridge. But still people visit this bridge to enjoy the view and feel the breeze during evenings. This bridge is not known to the tourists who visit goa as it doesn’t come under the heritage or any tourist spots in goa. The bridge has a spooky image in the minds of the local public still people visit when they pass by. The bridge is visited mostly by youngsters to enjoy the scenic beauty of the river and the greenery around.

The new borim Bridge

Personally I come to the bridge often with my friends.It is thrilling to sit at end of the bridge and. Please be careful on the bridge do not risk your life.

Writter by Allwin Joseph

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