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The love for a bullet should strike anyone if you have a ride on the right one. My love began with the very best bullet I have ever driven. The 1970s bullet, a well maintained one, the one my bother Benjamin had in his estate. The experience is thrilling; the engine is almost independent, so smooth as if you cut a piece of butter with a fine thread! I just can’t express how awesome it was…feels like taking it to Leh! One thing I have understood about the bullets, it treats back the way you treat it…You need to really take care of it.

The most Iconic motorcycle on Indian roads

The consistent thumps from the silencer, the curved tank, the spoke wheels and the rigid skull are some of the features that make the Bullet very charismatic. The tank has never changed its shape and the wheels are still with spokes and not alloy. No wonder the Royal Enfield Bullet have ignited sparks in many minds and the dream of owning this heavy macho is at times accomplishments for many. With some of the best ergonomics from its inception, bullet is a cruiser and is never a race material, either for sports. It’s a motorcycle, literally a cycle fitted with an engine – superficially. It is the only option on Indian roads for longer rides at a stretch, even with pillion, I don’t indent to state that other motorcycles can’t do that, it is about how long you can go consistently, maintaining the pleasure of the ride.

The Royal Enfield bullet

The ride atop solid cast iron

The bullet had a single model cast iron engine that had never changed for decades; the bullet’s engine was originally developed to withstand the worst conditions during the days when there was no backups and mechanics. This 350 CC four stroke solid cast iron engine came with the combination of a four shift gearbox. The old cast iron engine gives you a smooth ride under a consistent 60 kilometers per hour, giving you ultimate pleasure of the ride. In fact, once the engine gets heated up, the smoother the ride you get.

Royal Enfield Bullet

The modern version

As time goes, bullets have changed! The engines are twin spark with five gears, more power, more speed, less heat, and more mileage. The best part is that, it still has its Iconic curved tank, the thumps, the spoke wheels and the best ergonomics you could have for a long ride. Old or new, a bullet is always a bullet!

Cheers!!! Keep tripping!

Written by Benjamin John

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