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You pick a direction and keep riding – that was the kind of start that finally took me to Hampi. I had a few days in hand, limited cash and once the trip was on, the plan slowly got into some shape. I drove from Cochin to Mysore, Hassan, Chikamangalur, Hampi, and Goa, and finally rode down south to Bangalore from Goa.

Of the lot, trip to Hampi was the highlight and it was just splendid, more than what I could imagine. One important thing which I always thought was, when you don’t have time to explore, the best idea is to get hold of someone who is local and knows the place very well. That’s how I got in touch with and later Baswaraj who takes care of its operations in Hampi. At times information and people become expensive, but never mind, I was prepared for it and they delivered exactly what I wanted!

The long ride from Chikamangalur brought me to Hampi by evening after the sunset. The ride was through rural Karnataka and combinations of the Golden quadrangle express highway. The country side is always unchanged with its people, agriculture and their livestock. A town comes after long intervals for my refreshments.

Rural Karnataka Paddy fields
The Serene green paddy fields enroute to Hampi

I reached my abode for the next two nights – The Peshagar Guest house in Anegundi, an old local house turned to an accommodation facility with four rooms and common toilets. I got the place for an extremely decent price, lesser than you could imagine. It was clean, neat and comfortable with a table and bed. Absolutely perfect for me!!

Peshagar house

I was in conversation with Baswaraj the previous day and fixed time for the next day tour of Hampi. Before the conversation ended he said, it would be interested to click a few sunrise shots, I can go down to the river banks which is a five minute walk. So I walked down the next morning hoping for some of the best shots though the boulders of Hampi. I was totally not expected there, I was like a man walking around with a tripod where a lot men were attending to natures call. The logic is simple, abundance of water, rocks and bushes. There could be no better place for the villagers for the morning routine. I slowly moved back to my room for my routine.

Written by Benjamin John

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