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Puttu is something that we call “Malayali’s Own Breakfast”, a traditional Kerala breakfast item that you find everywhere in Kerala. Puttu goes in combination with a variety of accompaniments. People here eat with their hands, they squeeze and crush bananas and mix it with Puttu, which is the most common combination. This steamed cake is so healthy that , it is listed among the best breakfasts in the world.

You could find the recipe for puttu all across the web, but before you head for it, you need to make sure that you have the right utensils for its preparation. Puttu is prepared in a “Puttu kutti” – A cylindrical tube fixed atop a utensil that passes steam by boiling water. Bamboo shoots or half cut coconut shells were used in olden days. Shredded coconut is spread or mixed with the flour for taste. The traditional way is to steam the flour in a half coconut shell, which is called “Cheratta Puttu”

You could find many varieties of rice in Kerala, both white and dark. The color and taste of the Puttu depends on the rice flour used. And the shape depend on whether it is cooked in a “Kutti” or “Cheratta”. One highlight of Puttu is that it goes with any accompaniment, it is almost  like rice. It goes with almost all types of curries, the question is whether you like it or not?. But what you commonly see is Banana or “Kadala curry” which is dark gram curry and Pappadam. Try it on your next visit to Kerala.

The sole reason as to why it is considered to be a very healthy breakfast is primarily because it is a steamed preparation with absence of oil. secondly, Puttu along with its accompaniments make it a carbohydrate and protein rich diet that makes you active through out the day.

Written by Benjamin John

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29 thoughts on “The Malayali breakfast is considered to be the most healthy breakfast in the world – Here is the reason

  1. Everybody likes Puttu when mixed with banana, and its tasty too. But remember when you have it mixed together and eat, you may feel acidity and heartburn, as this combination is incompatible ( Virudha-ahar).
    They may lead to toxemia and to certain digestive disorders.
    Better eat banana before or after eating puttu.

  2. Puttu is nowhere listed as one amoung the best breakfast in the world. Dosa is the only one from south india listed as one of the best breakfast in the world and as one of the greated inventions in the food.

  3. In the suburbs of Toronto we found a Srilankan fast food place with puttoo!! Most amAzing puttoo seasoned with curry leaves dried red chillies and other spices. To be eaten steaming hot ( microwave with a few doupspoons of water)
    Can be sweetened with coconut ill or chickpea curry.

  4. If I’m not wrong, scientifically it is not good to eat ‘puttu’ with banana. Puttu with ‘cherupayar & pappadam’ or any curry is good to the health. Because if we eat puttu with any kind of fruits, the kind of enzymes produce from our body will be different. Hence if you notice, always we feel acidity after having this combination. If I am wrong or any other informations, please let me know dear friends

    1. Let the doctors or such qualified people say whthr there will b acidity if we eat puttu with banana. All fruits create acidity, but not puttu, thats what I think.

  5. “Bamboo shoots or half cut coconut shells were used in olden days.”
    🙂 it’s not bamboo shoots; bamboo stems. sections of it were once used tightly wound with coir.

  6. Good to know puttu is healthy,,but it is originated from Tamil Nadu where still it is a custom to make puttu during “puberty”,, I would suggest the author to verify and write,, I am also Malayali from Kannur,,we can’t deny that all South Indian languages evolved from Tamil,,

    1. Hi Joysee, We never said it originated from Kerala, Its liked by many in Kerala and available everywhere in Kerala. Its a fond breakfast item for Malayali that is what we intended to convey.

    2. But its not a common brkfast in TN. Their most common brkfast item is pongal, idli, dosa, vada etc.
      I havent seen puttu sold in tamil hotels. Puttu has its copyright with Malayalees, like tapioca & fish curry.

    1. Puttu is a Srilankan dish.
      So are vellayappam,paalappam and vattayappam. Kerala’s traditional breakfast was kanji.
      Portuguese brought in kappa
      Chena chembu kaachil ,etc must have come from Africa.

  7. This is not a healthy breakfast. Yes it is free of oil but it is full of carbohydrate. Add a banana to that and you will have even more carbohydrate. A small amount of carbs in the morning is fine but a large amount can increase your blood sugars and this is especially bad for people with diabetes.

  8. Benjamin Chetta, I was working in Saudi Arabia for 20 years, most of the time in association with our Keralite brothers. I know this is a healthy food and even now my wife cooks it frequently, by the way I am from Pondicherry. Puttu in olden days is termed as PUTTUM PAZHAVUM AND PUTTUM PAYARUM. Both the varieties are good and healthy apart from whatever side curries you use.

  9. No wonder the branded restaurant “De Puttu” has claimed accolades – they serve puttu from breakfast, lunch & dinner thus breaking the convention of puttu for breakfast. Though I love puttu with steamed mashed nenthra banana ghee & sugar, I get tempted to have it with muscles cooked in green pepper gravy with raw banana flakes in it! The choices are any. The MANI puttu ( rice balls steamed in a coconut shell ) with fresh ground coconut milk with strands of saffron and melted jaggery. You better think puttu + anything = pleasure!!!

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