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Mysore palace is the most visited palace in India, the second most visited monument in India after the Taj Mahal. The palace still holds the furnishings, utensils and equipment used during the royal era. Mysore, often termed as the city of palaces still has its princely charm and is a well planned city.

The Mysore Palace

One of the exciting activities is the Tonga ride in Mysore. There will be some good Tongas waiting outside the palace gates. They have different fares for different routes; you could probably go around outside the palace walls through the public road which takes a ride of approx 20 minutes. You pass by the different Palace gates, lot of statues and gardens which keeps up the charm of the city.

If you ask me what else to do in Mysore? Check out these folks in Mysore – Royal Mysore Walks. They are really impressive!

Written by Benjamin John

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