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The Radhanagar beach is one of the prime attractions in Havelock Island, Andamans. The beach has very fine sand, shallow and clear waters. Radhanagar is eleven kilometers form the Havelock pier and the narrow road is through the villages and farm lands. The trek route to the Elephanta beach is en-route to Radhanagar beach from Havelock. There are public transport buses available from Havelock pier to Radhanagar beach.

Ours was a short trip to Andamans and we came here twice during the trip. You can literally swim here and move a lot towards the sea as the beach is very shallow. Seeing the water very clear, don’t dip your head, forgetting that it is salt water. In the Evening it becomes high tide and the waves go really high. There are life guards at the beach with ample flags all over the place. Lockers and facilities for a shower are available at the beach. An Elephant here offer Joy rides 🙂

The beach shores have thick virgin rain forest and is enclosed on both ends of the beach. The Barefoot resort is the only resort here that has a private access to this beach. Radhanagar beach is very romantic during sunset, and you could see a lot of couples around.

Written by Benjamin John

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