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Every new year the people of kochi have their carnival with lot of fun and enthusiasm. An initiative started decades ago by a few youth has snowballed into something more than just an event. The first Cochin Carnival was held in 1984 in fort Cochin, the historic part of Cochin which was once the strong hold of the colonial powers. If you are in Fort Cochin during New Year, you just can’t miss the Carnival. And if you are someone who doesn’t want to see or be seen with the crowds, this is not the place for you.

Elephant procession at Cochin carnival

The colorful procession at Cochin Carnival

The Cochin carnival

Everyone is on the streets, people from different parts of Cochin gather on both sides of the Jacobs road to see what the Cochin Carnival has to offer. Everyone gathers much before it to ensure a place to watch the procession. People are atop houses, compound walls, hoardings so that they have a good view of the street. The streets are decorated and painted wishing an eventful new year and local households play loud music and children dance to its tunes.The fun filled procession starts somewhere close to Dobhi Khana, and heads to Fort Cochin Parade ground. It starts by 3 in the afternoon and goes on till 8 in the night. From a phone camera to the top end DSLR, you would find almost everyone with a camera to capture the Carnival!

Men dressed for the Carnival in Cochin

Men at Cochin Carnival

The “Chenda” drum beats and the “panchari melam”  drums to a crescendo creating the mood for the participants as well as the crowd.  An elephant heads the procession and a four wheeler announces the procession which is just behind it. Tableau organized atop big trailers move in slow pace which depict historic, social and cultural messages. The Cochin Carnival is all about showcasing a lot of colorful men walking around the streets of fort Cochin.

Cochin Carnival Parade ground

People are all in jolly mood welcoming the Cochin carnival and wishing themselves happy New Year!!

Written by Benjamin John

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