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This is that little place you would travel to enjoy Goa in her Monsoons. A beautiful place, green, lush, pure, and peaceful.. This is Tambdi surla, a twelve century old Mahadev (Siva) temple, located at the foot hills of the Anmod Ghat, that connects the states of Goa and Karnataka. The rock carved temple has its own unique architecture which cannot be missed out…

Tambdisurla Panorama

I had been here in my childhood days, but never had a chance to experience this place during the monsoons. I set my mind to hit the road to Tambdi Surla on my Royal Enfield Electra 350 with my cousins. It is approximately 50 Kilometers from Ponda (the industril hub in Goa). The journey was quite epic, the roads were wet and it was pretty raining in the middle of the journey.

Tambdisurla Temple

After a couple of photo sessions en route we reached Tambdi surla. The temple is surrounded by a river and since the rains were very intense it wasn’t really advisable for a dip. We wanted to explore the place and happened to see trail marks which lead to the mountains. We followed the marks which led to small streams that later join the river. One of the locals told us about a waterfall high up in the mountains. We hiked up and it was quite challenging, but worth the efforts, it was magnificent and admiring!

A great place for nature enthusiast, people who look forward for a hike away from the urban concrete jungle and pollution would love this place for sure. On the way there are couple of small bridges where we got down to take some photographs of the mighty flowing river. We enjoyed the ride and for me it was a beautiful experience!!

Allwin Joseph

Written By Allwin Joseph

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