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Loutolim is a place in South Goa, pronounced as “lottli” in Konkani. The word Loutolim comes from Lovótollem, it is coined from a combination of the words Tollem (pond in Konkani) and Lovó meaning grass, found growing in plenty around the pond. It is around 15 Kilometers from Margao (the main railway station) to Ponda.

Loutolim Goa

In Loutolim you find lush green fields spread all over. As it rains the water level of Zuari River overflows to the nearby fields. Along with them are the fishes that migrate to the fields. The ponds that were once dry get back live.

The river overflows to the fields at Loutolim Goa

People during weekends come over for Monsoon fishing. I still come here in the rains for fishing along with my friends. it was disappointing sometimes when you don’t manage for a catch, but always enjoyed the place. The prime objective of being here is not just fishing but to have a good company with families and friends, while testing our patience while fishing…. and of course it’s always been difficult for a catch for the less experienced and restless ones. To make yourself comfortable you can get a couple of drinks and refreshments. Please do not litter the place!

Written By Allwin Joseph

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