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The pleasant smiles, the feel of a tropical escape, something like an untouched sanctuary, you are already at Marari Beach Resort- one of the flagships of CGH Earth – The people who created a new style of hospitality and making new signatures.

Chakara Restaurant at Marari Beach Resort
Chakara Restaurant at Marari Beach Resort

It was on a recent team outing from Pioneer, that we landed at Marari, fifty kilometers south of Cochin on the coastline. Even though i have been to Marari many times, this was the chance that i really enjoyed and got to know more about the Marari Eco system..and what is the mantra that makes people come back again and again. It was CGH (Clean Green hotels) Earth who discovered Mararikulam as an ideal tropical beach destination back in the nineties. It was planned and designed to be a fishermen village adopting and absorbing many of the elements from the local community…making it close to nature, and keep it untouched, so that no one touches it again.

At Marari Beach resort
At Marari Beach resort

Just more than 60 cottages spread across 28 acreas of coastal land, Marari beach resort is not about luxury. Marari is more enjoyed by an Alert independent traveler who seeks experiences than a Sun sand and Surf lover. It is more of an experience that you engage in making your holiday bright and rich, than the tangible elements that you get elsewhere. Marari beach resort does not have a television in room, instead it offers Authentic Ayurveda, Cycles to ride, beach and pool beds, an awesome pool, beach shacks, a butterfly garden, a kitchen garden, local trails, a badminton and a tennis court, the 4′ O clock tea shop, Sea food, cultural shows, cooking classes. What more would you want – Your villa is just for Sleep.

The 4 O' clock tea shop - Where you get the one meter tea!
The 4 O’ clock tea shop – Where you get the one meter tea!

Marari has around sixty repeaters coming back to their second home every year. what makes them come back to Marari is not about it being a beach destination, it is a reflection of true hospitality from a bunch of charming people who run the show at Marari. They are the back bone of Marari, who try their best to make people enjoy their holiday and bring back smiles 🙂 Here is what guests say….

We come home every January…

  • Because its our idea of Heaven on Earth….
  • We like the peace and tranquility Marari Beach gives us and all the staff are our friends.

Comments about Marari

What more would you want?? As Mr. Hari, the Food and Beverage Manager was explaining, they (repeaters) even identify the minute changes when they come back to Marari and really ask about it, at times it comes as a strong question seeking an explanation. I was literally smiling with laughter in my mind. But before i left Marari i understood, why you feel it this way – As years pass by, you literally Own Marari Beach Resort. Sorry – I don’t know how to explain this. And finally before we left, all the staff who catered to us came to the lobby to bid farewell!!

Written by Benjamin John

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