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Kerala tourism has been much consistent with their tourism promotion campaigns ever since they identified her tourism potential in the beginning of the 90s. There have been many campaigns to attract the domestic Indian traveler as well the foreign travelers to India. Kerala tourism’s marketing strategies and their marketing innovations are perfect pieces for case studies.

Kerala has always been considerably an expensive destination compared to other destinations catering almost similar tourism products. The space for hippies and backpackers is minimal after the initial hippie boom that occurred in Kovalam, which had negative impacts. Tourism is a major income for the state and Kerala’s tourism marketing campaigns have always targeted only the Alert independent splurge family traveler or someone close to it.

People and their interests are changing, their mindset and attitude towards travel is taking new shapes and the way they travel are taking new dimensions. There have always been, two kind of Travelers in General, one – The Sun Sand and Surf lovers – travelers who love to spend the available holidays in a beach with activities related to it. They repeat their vacations the same way every time or every year. Second – The Alert independent traveler, the kind of travelers who would love to explore, learn, enjoy and appreciate the local life, art and culture. These are the people who are after experiences and the kind of people who change destinations each time they travel. They experience the term “Transformative Holidays” – A change in their routine or the life pattern there after.

The Great Backwaters of Kerala, India

– Discover the most fascinating water world on Earth

Depicting something unique in the most unique fashion, is the story of the great backwaters campaign from Kerala Tourism. The backwater lifestyle and culture is no new thing to most people from Kerala, it has evolved through time. However depicting it in a film to attract people to that land has to have that special wow effect. The backwaters have always been fascinating, but it could only be the Arial views that could show its beauty at best along with its size and might. The great backwaters of Kerala campaign give you a flights view, which you will have never seen as a common man plus the back water life in its pure form.

The backwater life in Kerala has multiple components that could fascinate many. Its water everywhere, a mode of transport, a source of occupation and a way of living. Its People, flora and fauna are distinct and abundant, the trees, the mangroves are all exceptional elements that make the backwater of Kerala Great!  Visit the great backwaters of Kerala, as the caption says – The most fascinating water world on Earth.

Written by Benjamin John

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