India is very well connected both by air and rail. The rail road has a history of more than hundred and fifty years, of which the Nilgiri mountain railway is still operational. The Indian railways, a common man’s prime means of long journey travel is a full Govt. of Indian owned corporation. India had a low cost airline boom a decade back, when a lot of low cost carriers started their opertions of these, Indigo, spice Jet, GoAir are a few to name.

For all the programs that include flight and train we book it well in advance as soon as you confirm the trip with us. The Indian railway opens their advance reservation 120 days before the travel date and Airlines open their reservation 365 days before the travel date. Both Indian railway tickets and low cost airline tickets are not available in Global distribution systems and hence we facilitate book and get confirmed tickets for our guests.

There are a few things we need to look into before traveling by air or train within India. The trains have a central reservation system and tickets can be booked online if we have the name and the age of the traveler(s). It is always advisable to travel lite during a train travel, as you do not have much space to keep large piece of luggage. Also we recommend to book a 2 tire or 1 tire tickets for a comfortable journey. To get confirmed tickets in these classes we need to book the tickets well in advance, say 100 days before the journey. It is always suggested to carry a packged meal from the hotel you were staying before the train journey. Not all international travelers would be comfortable with the cuisine served at the stations. The toilets are generally not in good shape, hence it is suggested to carry toilet rolls and sanitizer if in case an emergency pops up.

With regard to air tickets, low cost airlines are very common in India. There are a few restriction for these low cost airline tickets. They offer a luggage allowance of 15 Kilos for check in and 7 kilos in cabin. Most international travelers are unaware about this, assuming that it is 30 kilos like international airlines. For every additional kilo above 15 kilos, an additional surcharge has to be paid to the airline before boarding the flight. Meals and snacks are not included in the tickets cost, in case if you would want to have a meal, you can pay and purchase it in flight. Airport tax is already paid by the airline when the ticket is issued, hence an additional airport tax is not required. Please provide us with a copy of the passport at the time of booking a flight ticket, as change is names after booking a flight ticket is not entertained by any of the airline.