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The Idea of Tripdays

Tripdayz was initially started by me to store my travel experiences, photographs and videos in the form of a blog. It is about the “Trip Days” I had experienced and to share it to the whole world. The idea was that these blog posts and experiences would be a guide line for travelers who intend to plan a trip to those destinations I have been to. Most of my travels were on my Royal Enfield Bullet and my very first post was the bullet trip to Valparai via Munnar. Since I have been working with Inbound tour operation companies for the past six years, I have got a lot of opportunities to travel around South India. So traveling was part of my Job and all these experiences are mostly part of these travels.

logoSlowly the blog posts started to increase, that was when the idea of making it all into a website popped up. While the blog was free, a website would cost some money, but still it was fine as I could manage it. We did not get the domain “Tripdays” so we thought of replacing the “s” with a “z” and that was how Tripdays became Tripdayz. My brother Matthew had been to Cambodia to see his friends and had a nice time there. He also started to write about his experiences and became a relevant contributor for Tripdayz. Meanwhile we had few other guest blogger who have posted their travelogues and travel experiences.

The inception of our New Logo

Rajesh of AuthorSelvi helped us through out the way in getting our wordpress website ready. We wanted a logo and we got it done through Authorselvi, which we used for some time. But that was generally about a an identity. Blogging was interesting and gave an urge to travel to more and more places and keep writing. In the meantime this idea of making this into a tour operation domain was slowly taking shape, the idea was about offering Experiential Travel programs around South India for the discerning traveler. But then we need a logo something different from the blogging one, we were glancing through the photographs of our past trips and that was when we got something, a photograph that would explain everything we want to tell through a logo. That very photo is the one that you see below.

Tripdayz logo inspirationAnd that became this…see below

Tripdayz LogoThis was one of the photograph taken of Matthew during one of the Cambodian visits. Credits to Niran, my friend. Authorselvi helped us to extract the jumping man with the finer details for the logo and it was finished with this colour palette by Saransh Solanki. By the way, the line under Experiential Travel is the shadow of the jumping man 😉 And finally it came out -The new logo of Tripdayz India

Written by Benjamin John

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