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Kerala – This green beautiful destination is one of the sought after honeymoon destination in India. Down South of India, Kerala offers some of the best nature bound locations like the backwaters, hill and mountain ranges, beaches where you have space to spend time among yourself.
Even though most places are ideal for honeymooners, I would filter it to at least, what can be called the best places to be for your honeymoon in Kerala. These would be the best places to spend time, relaxing, exploring and enjoying. Let me start from the North of Kerala.

The Neeleshwar Hermitage.

A fine beach resort set amidst the palm groves and the backwaters of Neeleshwaram. The location, I would say is one the best places to be for your honeymoon. They have cottages well spaced and spread across a few acres of land. The beach is not very far and you could hear the waves. They have a large pool almost like an infinity pool and an in house Ayurveda center. Evenings are some of the best time you could ever have at the beach with the sunset background, you will go romantic, even if you don’t want to 😉
Less than 5 Kilometers away is where the Lotus houseboat is docked in the Valiyaparamba backwaters of the Malabar Coast, this luxurious houseboat is an awesome experience that adds beauty and exclusiveness to your honeymoon. All meals will be served on board in the houseboat and will not cruise overnight. Preferable take a day cruise, if you do not want to stay in a docked houseboat

Neeleshwar hermitage honeymoonHow to reach – The nearest airport is Mangalore (IXE) Airport, ninety kilometers south of Mangalore Airport is Nileshwar Hermitage.

Rainforest Athirapally

The rain forest resort in Athirapally is the only resort in Athirapally which has the view of the gushing might of Athirapally falls. Just like the picture says, the views are spectacular. On a full moon night, with the falls in the background, a one stand candle light dinner…your partner is ganna say “WOW” for sure. The resort has less than 20 rooms, all facing the falls, but the base category rooms have trees obstructing the view. The luxury rooms and room categories above that have the best views of the falls. There is a tree house which is closest to the falls, the sounds of the falls would be very high, make sure you have your ear caps ready 😉 and it is extremely Eco-friendly, being the case, you need to decide whether to stay here for your honeymoon? The falls are in its full form only during the monsoon, so make sure that you be there during the monsoon and not in summer.

Honeymoon at Rainforest AthirapallyHow to reach – The nearest airport is Cochin (COK) International Airport, thirty five kilometers North of Cochin Airport is Rain forest, Athirapally.

Camp Noel in Munnar

Even though Munnar is considered to be a favorite honeymoon destination for the Indian traveler. I would say there are not many good resorts in Munnar of international standards, except a few. The destination is so crowded that, at times you get a feel of being in a honeycomb, which I do not recommend for honeymooners.

Camp noeld Munnar honeymoonCamp Noel is something which you can’t relate with Munnar. The property is set in the valley of Pazhathottam, forty Kilometers from Munnar towards top station. There are no resorts here except Camp Noel. I have worked here for some time and I have heard some of the most wondrous responses from guests, Honeymooners are so happy here. The location is amazing that no other resort can offer such beautiful setting. There are more than eight cottages with fireplace and living room and a dining area. Activities would be tea garden visits, nature walks and treks. The weather is more cold in Pazhathottam because of its elevation than Munnar. The camp was tripadvisor best rated resort in Munnar and recommended for honeymooners.
How to reach – The nearest airport is Cochin(COK) International Airport, hundred and eighty kilometers East of Cochin Airport is Camp Noel.

Vivanta by Taj Malabar, Cochin

One of the flagship properties of the Taj Group of hotels, the Taj Malabar is one of the oldest properties in Cochin located at Wellington Island. The property is on the banks of the Vembanad lake and is in very close proximity to the Ernakulum city and Old Cochin i.e Fort Cochin by water. It’s a luxury hotel from one the most popular hotel brands from India and has more than a hundred rooms. In that case it is going to be a crowded place for sure with many tourists.
The reason I recommend about the property is, they have got the premium indulgence sunset view rooms, and those are the corner rooms of the tower wings, which has some of the most astounding views of the Cochin backwaters with an orange haze during evenings. Be in your room!! Secondly they have a yacht, on an evening you could go around in the yacht or spend the day; it goes to the sea as well. It’s a pretty old one, so make sure that it is operational and you know the costs before you make a reservation.

Honeymoon at Vivanta by Taj MalabarHow to reach – The nearest airport is Cochin(COK) International Airport, forty kilometers south of Cochin Airport is Vivanta by Taj Malabar.

Kumarakom Lake resort

The Kumarakom Lake resort is a spread out property on the banks of the Vembanad backwaters of central Kerala. The resort offers luxury villas and cottages and enhances an ambiance of a Kerala village with heritage themes and wooden works. The property has some of the best products to offer for the splurge honeymooner. If you have money to spend, you have it!

Kumararkom lake resort honeymoonThere is a spread out pool within the property connecting cottages; apart from that it offers luxury villas with private pools. They have tried to put in elements to deliver a Keralan experience and have two houseboats of their own. The room walls have murals with stories depicted from Ramayana and Indian mythology. Kumarakom lake resort has some of the best luxurious arrangements for honeymooners in Kerala, all combined with in house facilities, services and the backwaters.
How to reach – The nearest airport is Cochin(COK) International Airport, hundred kilometers south of cochin Airport is Kumarakom lake resort.

The Niramaya Retreats Kovalam.

South of Kovalam is Niramaya Retreats, a magnificent property located atop the cliff with a wide view of the Arabian Sea. The property was initially called the Surya Samudra, named by its previous owner and architect. There are a new set of rooms which have come up called the rock garden rooms, which I really do not recommend for a honeymooner. The main rooms are in the main block or the centre area built with local materials and wood from traditional Kerala bungalows or Illams. There are two beautiful rooms in the property called the Octagon, and the banyan tree bungalow, which has the best ambiances and decor. Specially, the octagon is the room with the best views. You could also avail therapies and massages from the in house spa. There is a rock formation enclosing a stretch of the beach, making it a private area and gives an exclusive “private beach” facility for the property guests, this is an added advantage for sun tanners. However, possibility of swimming is a question and depends on the weather and tides.

Niramaya kovalam octoganHow to reach – Nearest airport is Trivandrum (TRV) International Airport, take a drive south of Kovalam, approx thirty kilometers and you will reach the Niramaya retreats.

Written by Benjamin John

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