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One of the most common aspects that you observe in the Chettinad is the graceful glass like Athangudi handmade tiles. I was on a FAM trip around Tamil Nadu and I was wondering, in most houses, hotels and public places, it is the Athangudi tiles that are laid all over. Athangudi tiles are handmade tiles which are products from cottage industries of Athangudi, Tamil Nadu. Natural colors are mixed with cement and water making it a thick liquid. Later it is laid over a glass base and the design in made on top of the glass. Normally if the design is fixed, there would be a metal frame to make the design of different color combinations.

We went to this small family workshop where they were making tiles. It is the family members who are involved in making the tiles and they all work together. Here is a video where I captured the basic process of making the Athangudi tiles.

Later these tiles are sun dried and laid in water for a long time. The tiles are laid just as normal tiles are laid. Later a buffing is done over until the glass like effect is visible.

Written by Benjamin John

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