Muziris Port Town-

Muziris is referred to an Old Port Town which does not exist today, all we have is a few remains excavated by the Archaeological survey of India. It is believed that there existed a prominent port town on the Malabar Coast of Kerala, which had trade relations with the then civilized worlds. Romans, Greeks and Arabs had very live trade relations with this part of present day India. It was the rule of the Chera kingdom of South India and kings titled as “Cheraman” were ruling the land. India was abundant in Spices, Ivory, precious stones and Timber and the port was a great source of income for the kingdom. All these are stories and nothing exist today, most of this mentioned port is under water or under earth.

It is believed that the Muziris was destroyed either by a big wave or by a flood that hit River Periyar in the 14th Century.

After the port was destroyed, men fled South and found the present day Kochi (Cochin) as a natural harbor and started the port here. Muziris is a story today, a story about a civilization, trade, religion and Jews. In a radius of 60 kilometers there exist four Synagogues, The very first Church and Mosque built in India, a two thousand year old Shiva temple, a traditional Kerala Palace of the Cheraman minister. Visit Muziris day tours are conducted here by small and big operators, most of these tour are clubbed with local programs and modern day interested activities of this region.

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