The thekkady forest reservoir

Thekkady is generally refereed to the Periyar National Park and Tiger reserve. Apart from tigers and the Periyar reservoir at the National Park, Thekkady or this part of the The Western Ghat is known to be one of the finest producers of Cardamom and Pepper. Kerala has been a steady producer of Pepper since ages and was one of the prime produces traded with other civilizations like Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. The Periyar National Park and tiger reserve is offers a very unique experience, where one could board a boat and cruise through the reservoir formed as part of the dam constructed in River Periyar. The reservoir is spread across the forests of the sanctuary where the tigers, Indian Guar, Sambar, Wild boar, and elephants co exist. While you are on boat through the reservoir, you tend to get a chance to sight animals that come down to the reservoir to drink water. This is a very popular sight during summer when the water sources within the forest dry up.

Thekkady is a destination merged within the Western Ghats located 110 kilometers from Munnar, 160 kilometers from Cochin and 150 kilometer from Madurai from the East. The Nearest Airports are Madurai and Cochin which are almost equidistant.

The Periyar National park offers a wide rage of trekking and forest activities. These are conducted by poachers turned protectors of the forests – the forests guards. These range from 3 hours nature walk to overnight tiger trails, the bamboo rafting is another popular activity among the people who visit the park. Other than the forest related activities, there are program like Elephant rides, Spice plantation tours, Jeep safaris, and Agriculture farm visit to Cumbam are organized from Thekkady. Small theaters in Thekkady offer Kathakali (Classical Kerala drama) and Kalaripayattu shows during evening hours.

There are many Accommodation facilities available in Thekkady ranging from the most budget to exorbitantly priced experiential resorts and homestays. Most of the properties are concentrated close to the entrance of the Periyar Sanctuary, the are is called Thekkady. There are other properties located in the outskirts of the Periyar Sanctuary.

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