Munnar is a the nearest hill station to Cochin Airport and is considered to the be the favorite honeymoon destination of the Indian honeymoon couple. Munnar is widely carpeted with green velvety tea plantation which was introduced by the Scott during the 1800s and popularized by the British. Almost eighty percent of Munnar is of tea plantations and there are some area where these plantation becomes picturesque spots. The Kanan Devan Hills Plantations company started by the British owned ninety percent of the tea plantations in Munnar, which was eventually bought by the TATA Global Beverages. The weather of Munnar is so cool and chilling, during the peak of winter there have been reports of hails falling down in certain parts of the Munnar.

Places of Interest in Munnar

The Eravikulam National Park is another important aspect of Munnar, where the endangered species of the Nilgiri Thar (A variety of mountain goat) is being preserved and sustained. The Park is open every day and is closed during the mating season of the Thar, which falls during the month of February and March every year. Visitors are taken inside the park in a Bus where they can get down and watch the Thar in very close proximity.

The Tea Museum owned and operated by the Tata Global Beverages is a very popular place for many visitors interested in watching the tea process from leaves to tea bad. This miniature tea factory has many visitors per day and would be generally a bit crowded. They also organize and offer tea tasting sessions. In case if you wish to visit a less crowded tea factory, head to the Talayar Estate factory which is twenty kilometers towards from Munnar. With almost the same entrance fee, they will be able to give you a better picture of the whole tea processing.

Other places of interest (Sightseeing) would be the Mattupetty dam and the Top Station which is a scenic road with a lot of water bodies, beautiful landscapes and tea gardens, top station is the top point from where the British used to transfer large tea bags to the plains of Tamil Nadu by a rope line, from these plains tea reached the port of Chennai from where it is shipped to London.

Tea plantation walk

The Kulukumalai Tea Factory

The second highest tea factory in the world and the highest one to process organic tea. It is a privately owned factory which follows orthodox method of tea processing. The Machinery and all the equipment were brought from England and still function like new. The factory is located 40 kilometers from Munnar and the last 6 kilometers is of partial off road, only Jeeps can reach the factory. To cover the last six kilometers it would take almost an hour or more. Make sure you have a strong back to withstand the bumpy off roading. The factory is worth a visit even after going through all these bumpy experiences 🙂

Trekking and Camping

The nearby mountains of Munnar offer wonderful trekking and camping experiences for the young at heart and if you have a quest for adventure. We can organize two nights camping and trekking experiences one towards top station which is more of a vegetable plantation area and the other one to the second highest peak within the Western Ghats. Both are scenic trek routes. The Adventure in Kerala program has this trekking in Munnar activity included. Contact us @ or post a query at

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