Kozhikode is a prominent city located in North Kerala, often referred to as the Gateway to Malabar. The city was once ruled by the Zamorins. There is an International Airport located South of the city at Karipur (CCJ), the city also has a railway station and a bus station. Kozhikode is known for its sweets, the city beach, the local delicacies, the boat building yard at Beypore and a few martial art schools that still practice the ancient self defence martial art of Kalaripayattu.

The boat building yard at Beypore still practices and maintains the traditional method of build the Dhow (the traditional arab boat) made of Wood. Today these boats are made for the affluent and the rich sheikhs of the Middle East Gulf Countries.

The boar building yard at Beypore (5 kilometers away from Calicut) still makes large ship like boats as per the orders form the Middles East Gulf countries. Guests have a chance to visit the Kalaripayatti school where they could witness the ancient practice methods of Kalaripayattu. The city tour of Calicut also includes a visit to Sweet Street “Mittayyi Teruve” where you could taste and buy small portions of sweets and Halwa’s which are local delicacies.

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