Athirapally waterfalls is a wonderful waterfall located forty kilometers North of Cochin International Airport. The water fall is on the Chalakudy river and is located inside the forest areas of Kerala. The River Flows down through the forest and after the Peringilkuthe dam and further flow down through the Vazahchal and Athirapally waterfalls.

The area is rich is flora, fauna and bird life. The road further goes to Valapari through the forests where you sight Wild animals and a lot of bird life en-route.

The Vazhachal is more of a very slanting water fall where you cold have a glance of the Rive chalakudy flowing down. Five kilometers downstream is the Athirapally waterfall, which fall down from a height of 80 feet. The waterfall is a very beautiful and has been a shooting location for a lot of regional movies. The monsoons are the best time to witness the waterfalls (June, July and August months). it is also a very popular picnic spot among the local population in Cochin and Trissur. Athirapally waterfalls mostly happens to be a destination for day excursion as accommodation facilities are very limited. There is only one property located at Athirapally with the view of the waterfall. There are other properties of various budgets enroute to Athirapally along the banks of the Chalakudy river.

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