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Cochin is said to be one of the oldest port in the country merged with a large network of lagoons and Islands. It was the ancient Muziris Port that was operational  thirty kilometers North of Cochin, until it was destroyed by a the floods in the nearby river periyar. The Muziris Port had strong trade relations with the Arabs, Greeks and Romans. It is believed that St. Thomas the Apostle of Christ arrived at this port and sowed the first seeds of Christianity in the Sub Continent. After the catastrophe that destroyed the Muziris Port, people flee South and found Cochin to be a natural harbor and thus formed the Cochin we see today.

The cochin International Airport is located 35 kilometers North of the city center and the Ernakulam city has two prime railway stations.

The New Cochin - Ernakulam CityThe city is being divided into two part, the New Cochin called the Ernakulam City, is the commercial capital of the state of Kerala. The Old Cochin where the old port was located is called Fort Cochin, this was the place where most colonial powers played a major role. The First European built church is located here, the palace of the Kochi Raja and the Paradeshi Synagouge are all within the Fort Cochin area limits. The Colonial powers were initially impressed with the spice and its trading. Some of the spice trading centers still operate in the nearby quarter of Fort Cochin. The existence and preservation of the old colonial building along with the rain trees ambiance of Fort Cochin adds charm to this old town  Here are a few things you should not miss in Cochin.

Other activities include – Kumblangi Village visit, if you are interested to experience some village life. The Muziris Heritage tour towards North of Cochin would be interesting if you have a taste for history of the land. The Jewish tour of Cochin is very much associated with the Muziris Heritage tour.

Most of the boutique and classy hotels are located in Fort Cochin, while the Ernakulam city has more of business class hotels. Cochin is a round the year destination, a few people avoid during the South West Monsoon where the region gets torrential rains.

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