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Wildlife in Valparai

A hamlet tea town in Anamalais hill of the Western Ghats is Valparai in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Alike most tea plantations in India, the British started planting tea in most favorable high ranges in India. The Anamalais which mean the “Elephant hill” in the local language of Tamil, is rich in its diverse flora, fauna and wildlife. As the plantation grew and spread into the forests, the elephants of Anamalais lost their habitats. It is the same with most wild beings and hence today they co-exist with humans, still being wild. Here is a video where we spotted a herd of elephants in Valparai, calm and quite in the tea plantations with their babies. These are not very common sighting as per the local villagers.

Another Animal spotted quite often is the Indian Guar, huge herds of these are commonly found in plantations close to the villages in Valparai. They don’t charge unless they have a calf within the heard and not provoked. Today strong conservation agencies work in Valparai, Anamalais to protect and conserve the wild beings of nature.

By Benjamin John

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