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Kerala is a dream destination for many and has been once of the most scenic locations in India with its natural resources like rivers, waterfalls, backwaters, the Western Ghats, wildlife and forest. Having multiple destinations within a reach of less than hundred kilometers, a Kerala tour is mostly like hoping from one destination to the other and covering a minimum of two destination within the holiday period. Cochin is the most popular Airport in Kerala and is the nearest to the most popular of the destinations like Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, Kumararkom, Cherai Marari. this blog post is about how to plan your Kerala holiday and where should you be going depending on your interest.

How to reach Kerala

You can reach Kerala by Rail, Road and Air. The state has a good network of roads to neighbouring states and also is connected by rail. The Air connectivity is very good to the middle east and the far east hubs like Dubai and Singapore.

The connectivity is very well with the metro cities India by Air, and almost major operator have a least one flight operating morning and evening to the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. In case if you are by train the station you need to get down is Ernakulam, there are two stations, once is Ernakulam Town (ERN) and the other is Ernakulam Junction (ERS) of this the Junction is a larger station with more trains stopping by. The bus terminal at Cochin is at Vytilla which is a within the city on the National Highway 47. Trivandrum the southern most city and the state capital of Kerala has got good connectivity with the above mentioned cities by air, by road and by rail.

Travel in Kerala

Where all should you be visiting while on your Kerala Holiday

The sole reason why Kerala is so beautiful is because of its multi facet natural resources and by its geographical location, its has the Wherstern Ghats at its mighty peaks at Munnar and Thekkady, A long coastline of around 550 from North to South, the backwaters and the estuaries through out the Arabian sea coastline. These three facets give out a wonderful holiday experience in term of location, geography and climate. The below are the most popular destinations in Kerala for the discerning traveller.

  1. Cochin – the Hub where most of you would reach – The old Colonial town with heritage, beach, backwaters and shopping markets
  2. Munnar – The Tea country of Kerala, vast tea plantations, scenic location with rivers, dams, forests, wildlife, adventure and camping.
  3. Thekkady – Known for wildlife and spices, The Periyar National Park and vast cardamom and other spice plantations.
  4. Alleppey – The backwater world, the houseboat departure points, backwater culture, local cuisines and much more like coir, pearl spot and local village life.
  5. Cherai – A local beach, mostly a evening spot for the local crowd, close to Muziris – the old heritage port town, not far from Cochin Airport, religious centres like first church and mosque in India, local life, cycles etc.
  6. Kovalam – The most popular beach, close to Trivandrum (state capital), beach hotels, long stay Ayurveda and yoga.
  7. Trissur – North of Cochin, cultural capital of Kerala, land of festivals.
  8. Calicut – A prominent town in North Kerala, Beypore ship building yard, Kalaripayattu centre – Martial art form from Kerala.
  9. Wayanad – The adventure hills of Kerala, dams, rivers, rafting, national parks, caves, and a lot more. More of a weekend destination.

The below is brief chart about the distance between the popular destinations in Kerala.

Cochin Munnar Thekkady Alleppey Cherai Kovalam Trissur Calicut Wayanad
Cochin 0 120 170 60 30 220 75 180 260
Munnar 120 0 110 180 140 300 160 300 360
Thekkady 170 110 0 140 160 250 190 300 390
Alleppey 60 180 140 0 90 170 130 240 320
Cherai 30 140 160 90 0 250 60 180 250
Kovalam 220 300 250 170 250 0 300 400 500
Trissur 75 160 190 130 60 300 0 130 200
Calicut 180 300 300 240 180 400 130 0 90
Wayanad 260 360 390 320 250 500 200 90 0

The above figures are in kilometres, do not judge the travel time as per the distance as certain routes take more due to Ghat roads or single lane traffic.

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So What is your interest

  1. for Honeymoon, short or a Big visit, Munnar is a must, Probably Thekkady, The backwaters at Alleppey in a House and the beaches at Mararikulam (more private and exclusive) Check out the Kerala Honeymoon Package
  2. What a popular Kerala round trip mean is to visit the hills of Munnar and Thekkady, the backwaters of Kerala at Alleppey and the beaches either at Mararikulam (Alleppey) Kovalam or Cherai. These destination help you to cover up the scenic beauty of Kerala.
  3. A cultural visit would be to Trissur, Alleppey, Thekkady, and Cochin
  4. A Heritage Visit would be to Kannur, Calicut, Cochin, Munnar.
  5. For Adenture – Munnar, Thekkady and Alleppey would be the apt destinations you should be going
  6. Other interesting places for relaxed holiday – Athirapally waterfalls, Kumarakom backwaters and Varkala beach.

To know more about different packages around Kerala, visit Kerala Holiday Package offered by Tripdayz India.

 Customizing your Kerala holiday

This is a big factor towards completion of the planning, no holiday planning is complete without customizing it your requirement, you budget, your taste and ensuring the activities you wish to do and the places you wish to see. Always a best package would come out from an experienced reliable tour operator, with so much of organized information available on the internet, you just see the tip of the ice berg, experience guidance is very much a factor that ensures a best quality hassle free tour of Kerala.

Hope this blog post becomes more helpful to plan the best of the best Kerala Holiday you could have in your life time. Happy Holidays in Kerala!

Written by Benjamin John

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