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According to myths – Hanuman, the monkey God was born in Anjaneya hill in Hampi, believed to be a hill close to the village of Anegundi across the Tungabhadra from Hampi. The hill can be spotted anywhere from a higher altitude, as the steps to the hill are whitewashed and easily identifiable. There is a temple dedicated to Hanuman where worship takes place everyday, you could hear the bajans as you reach closer atop the hill. To reach the temple you need to climb approximately 600 steps and make sure you are in the best of your health if you intend to climb. Initially there are railed concrete steps and as you climb high there are steps carved from the stone.

Fields from Anjaneya Hill Hampi

As you climb, you can find a lot of monkeys here and there, it’s their place so no staring 😉 As you climb the elevation, you slowly find the green paddy fields of Anegundy and more rolling hills and later Tungabhadra herself.

The boulders from Anjaneya hill in Hampi

From Anjaneya Hill Hampi

Maditating at the Anjaneya Hill Hampi

Sunset is the best time to be at the Anjaneya hill. As I was there, I found a lot of youngsters and hippies. Many of them were here for meditation and for inner peace. Its breezy and has an awesome 360 degree view of the Hampi white granite boulders, Green Paddy fields and the flowing Thungabhadra…

Anjaneya hill sunsetEveryone was up there to see the sunset, unfortunately it was cloudy and so I missed the Sun in her full glory saying Goodbye. Everyone stays around till sunset and suddenly vanishes off before it becomes night.

Written by Benjamin John

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