Accommodation is an integral part whenever you leave home. Today while traveling, accommodation options have become more than just shelters for you. They have become places where you get to know more about local people, culture and traditions. You even pay more for the intangible elements delivered to you than the physical elements that you see like the bed and the bath room. At Tripdayz we mostly offer you places that have a uniqueness for itself and not just any other place to sleep, unless you are at the airport hotel 🙂

Most of the accommodation that we offer have been personally inspected by us. We have a first hand idea about what the place is all about. We believe luxury is in the experience and make up an environment for that. Since we cater to a niche set of travelers, the accommodations we include in the programs generally tend to deliver something more, that you take back home. Probably learning or knowing something new about  people and culture, history and traditions and most importantly stories about the land you have visited.

A travel budget is something very important, that is the core area which decides whether you can take it. We deal with hotels that range from a basic tariff to exorbitant price ranges. It is always better to give us an idea about what kind of price range you are looking for the hotels you stay. Accommodation and the Transport prices is the primary element that makes up the tour price, so a better idea of this will match the travel budget you have in mind.

Just give us a call at +91 9746201730 and we’ll setup the best accommodation for you.